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Our Ethos

We stay sustainably minded throughout the whole production chain. Our items are ethically made-to-order by a woman owned, independent atelier and a small family operated factory.

We source our Organic Certified Cotton, Lyocell (Tencel), Ecovero, recycled threads, garment labels and other materials as locally as possible.


We release about 2-3 new collections per year, each consisting of a few new designs + older styles in a new colourway that you request.

(Compared to fast fashion brands that release new collections each week or sometimes each day...)

Monochrome collections are easy to wear, style & mix and match. Multiway design features help to keep it interesting & versatile, and therefore reduce cost-per-wear.


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Sustainable Shopping Rules:

  • 1. Only buy something you truly want or need. As a rule of thumb, it is said, you should buy something you would wear 30 or more times. Can we make it to 50 or a 100?

  • 2. Exchanges are expensive. For you, us and the planet. Study size charts and fit descriptions before buying to avoid unnecessary shipping.

  • 3. Ask any questions before buying. Send us an email to hello@tracksuitbaestudio.com

  • 4. Plan in advance. We produce mostly made-to-order and it can take anywhere from 1-4 weeks (2 on average) for your items to be made. Select faster shipping if you need it for a special occasion.

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By choosing to buy sustainable instead of regular fashion, you reduce your impact and help fight climate change. Even swapping one item for sustainable one makes a difference.

Sustainable fashion is widely associated with being boring, bland and "un-cool". By going out and looking amazing in your sustainable streetwear you are helping to build awareness and break the sustainable fashion stereotypes.