Our 100% recycled fabric comes from factory cotton waste. It is collected, sorted, shredded and blended with recycled polyester (that comes from post consumer recycled plastic bottles) to a new yarn, the yarn is then used to knit our fleece and jersey. The fabric has organic cotton texture.
Watch a video about the fabric here.
Compared to an equivalent product made from virgin materials, making fabric from recycled materials uses 99% less water and generates 50% fewer CO2 emissions. 
This fabric supplier holds a GRS Certification

The production process for conventional cotton uses a massive 16% of the world’s insecticides; more than any other crop in the world.

Organic farming practices avoid using harmful chemicals while aiming for environmental sustainability and the use of less resources. The land stays fertile much longer than land which is affected by the constant use of pesticides, so organic cotton farmers generally have a longer cotton commodity lifespan than otherwise.

On the social front, organisations, such as the Global Organic Textile Standard, have been working to make sure organic textiles also protect worker rights and enviroments.

GOTS covers the processing, manufacturing, packaging, labelling, trading and distribution of textiles, ensuring that both environmental and social standards, such as safe and hygienic working conditions, no workplace discrimination and fair pay rates, are respected.

Our organic cotton supplier provides these certifications for the fabric:


*We are using dyes compliant with OekoTex Standard 100
Tencel™ (or lyocell) is a sustainable cellulosic fibre that is derived from wood pulp. Tencel uses the award winning closed loop technology that recycled 99% off its solvents & water that's used for the extraction of pulp. Tencel™ is biodegradable under soil, marine, industrial conditions and has been approved for home composting.
Lyocell is a great sustainable alternative to non organic cotton, as comes from sustainably managed and certified forests. Read here about Tencel™
We use recycled, recyclable & organic materials for our packaging
Our collections are ethically produced in European Union, Lithuania.
We have partnered with an independent woman run atelier and oversee all production start to finish.
Some of our trimmings are not currently recycled: waistband elastics, thread.
Our garment labels are 50% recycled and our zips have 86% recycled content
We are always aiming to do better with each collection as new sustainable options become available.