Ozone or [O3] is a pale blue gas that forms a layer around The Earth and sits about 10-50 km above the surface. It absorbs most of the harmful UV radiation. However in the 70's scientists discovered that Ozone layer was being severely depleted, forming annual holes around the south & north poles.
In 1987 nations came together and signed a Montreal Protocol, that banned the use of Ozone depleting substances, and put the plan in for its recovery.
Since 2000, levels of chlorofluorocarbons and other man-made ozone-depleting substances have measurably decreased in the atmosphere and continue to do so. Chlorofluorocarbons are long-lived compounds that take decades to break down, and scientists expect stratospheric ozone levels to recover to pre - 1980 levels by mid-century.
This [OZONE] collection is a celebration of a collective human effort. We can really make or reverse an impact once we put in the work , the planning and the laws and regulations necessary.
We hope that very soon nations will come together once again to tackle the fashion pollution problem and will enforce the laws for all companies to comply with sustainability requirements.
We should not be asking if my clothing is sustainable and ethical any longer. It just should be...
Greta @ Tracksuitbae Studio