Even through our fabric is 100% recycled, the 40% of it is made out of post-consumer plastic bottles and as all plastic (& synthetic clothing), shreds little microplastics in the wash, which later ends up in our water streams, oceans, eaten by the fish or finds it's way back to our bodies. We can all agree that you are not supposed to be eating plastic...
A solution to this is using a protective bag like 'Guppyfriend' while washing that collects the micro pieces of fibre.
All fabrics (especially knitted ones) bobble and with wash and wear, when you sit on a scratchy surface or have a bag rub when you are walk - that is completely normal. Fabric that doesn't bobble is most likely treated & made with something not so sustainable
We recommend washing your items inside out & using a bobble remover if needed to keep your garments looking fresh and new!
You can get one on amazon!