Tracksuitbae Studio International ships to USA, EUROPE, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, ASIA & SOUTH & CENTRAL AMERICA.

[*If shopping from UK please visit]

We currently have 2 postage options available:

Economy International -  using the regular post office service & can take 2-8 weeks (except EU which is 1-3 weeks), all mail is collected into bags & leaves the origin country within 3 days.

Once it lands in the country of the recipient, it is sorted  & forwarded at each countries' delivery partner ( royal mail, usps, australia post, canada post& etc.)

The delivery time will depend of how quickly the post/customs officials sort through it.

This is trackable from the arrival to the destination country.

DHL Express -  dependent on the country of the recipient, it takes 2-5 working days on average.


Economy International : 8-12€ (depending on total order weight)

Express - 20€ 

FREE delivery over 350€

Return: 20


Economy International : 9-15€ (depending on total order weight)

Express - 20-25€ 

FREE delivery over 400€

Return:  25


Economy International : 10-17€ (depending on total order weight)

Express - 30-38€ 

FREE delivery over 450€

Returns 35


Economy International : 20€  

Express - 45€ 

Returns - 45


Economy International : 20€  

Express - 45€ 

Returns - 45


Economy International : 20€  

Express - 45€ 

Returns - 45


POST LT - 3€ 


* You can inquire via email with your address for custom shipping options

Please inquire via email

Some remote areas might have an extra surcharge. Shall this be the case the customer will be contacted as soon as we are ready to ship the order, and will have an option to cancel the order and get a refund if they can not accept the surcharge.

We ship from EU, Lithuania.

Tracksuitbae Studio ships on DAP Incoterms. Customer is responsible for any import duties or further charges.

Tracksuitbae Studio reserves the right to cancel & refund any order shall this look fraudulent & ask for extra confirmation on purchase & shipping details if needed.